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Types of diabetes

There are now three major types of diabetes. Type I diabetes can develop at virtually any age, althou

invasive fungal infections

f you have ever had a fungal infection, you know that is can be both irritating and uncomfortable; so

fungal infections and what problems can they cause

There are various types of fungal infections that people can get. They can include tinea pedis, which

Average Time Off With Depression in the UK

You will find that the National Health Service (NHS) publishes data on the Average Time Off Work with

Pornography and depression

Many people are concerned about how pornography and depression are connected. There is no definitive

The Causes Of Endogenous Depression

Symptoms for endogenous depression include feelings of worthlessness, sadness, guilt, and often the i

Is Depression a Disability?

People who suffer from depression can often wonder, is depression a disability? At times, severe depr

Symptoms of Depression in Older Adults

Everyone goes through depression from time to time. However, if you are suffering from depression on